The Chat Room

Winter's Kiss by J.P. Uvalle.jpg

The Chat Room
By: Sharon Johnson
Available on Kindle Unlimited
He gently cupped her face in his warm hands. Lifting her face up to meet his, looking deeply into her sparkling blue eyes; there was a look of understanding between these two lovers, a tale yet to be told. Her eyes and lashes becoming heavy and half closed with desire. As he nuzzled her nose, slowly working his way down to the nape of her neck until her breathing became shallow, only a soft moan escaping her throat. He wrapped his arms around the small of her back, pulling her closely into himself. His final destination, her tender, wet waiting lips, all for him he thought. With the tip of his tongue, he ever so slightly parted her lips; searching her tongue out, his mouth becoming hungrier and more hurried. As their tongues finally joined becoming one, they melted into one another, not knowing where one lover began and the other ended. The kiss was sweet and tender at first, almost as if allowing her to catch up. Then at last, both lovers were breathless and so enraptured in each other, while the world fell away and only the two remained.
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