Princes of Prophecy



✿ ❥✿ ❥Princes of Prophecy
✿ ❥✿ ❥✿ ❥✿ ❥Book 2 Reader
✿ ❥✿ ❥L Ann Marie
This is the story of Darren and Eliza.
Reader: Book 2:
Darren is the VP of Princes of Prophecy. He’s been deaf his whole life but works around his deafness using his other senses to keep up with his hearing family, friends and Brothers. He sees everything. When Mitch Baxter helps him get more acute vibrations he believes he is finally hearing. Life is a little easier. Now Mitch came up with a way to give him the words with his vibrations. Life is looking up.
Eliza was brought up by a drug addicted mother. She was given to her step-brother for drugs. When her step-father needed money she was sold to the Outlaw club. Life has not been easy but once she was away she was determined to make it better for other women that needed help. Eliza is a survivor that understands the meaning of being free.
L. Ann Marie – Pen Page
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