A Dungeon, a Vampire and an Infatuation

Title: A Dungeon, a Vampire and an
Author: CC Dragon
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Cover Designer:
Viola Estrella
Who can have a personal life when an infatuate
d and possibly demon infested man is luring a
dear friend to the dark side? Deanna has to try but she does have a team of angels on her side to
Problems with a creepy little church that belongs in the 1800s converge with an evil bar that
keeps changing hands and names but the darkness never fades. Th
e vamps need to
Mary Lou is out to prove her independence or
is she rebelling when she plays with the bad boys?
A crazy ex and a murder hit way too close to home and have the gang spinning in different directions.
Everyone is off their game and looking to establish their own alibis while chasing down all the
bad guys and uncovering the murderer. Just another tale of Deanna Osc
ar and the gang out to fight evil
and save the innocent people of New Orleans.
A loyal Chicago girl who loves deep dish pizza,
the Cubs, and The Lake, CC Dragon is fasci
nated by the metaphysical and paranormal.  She loves
creating characters, especially amateur sleuths who solve mysteries. A coffee and chocolate addict who
loves fast cars, she’s still looking for a hero who likes to cook and clean…so she can write
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