Clever As The Devil


“Clever As The Devil” available now!
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*Now includes a previously unreleased short story**

Kimber Cassidy is a beautiful, brilliant and sexy plus-size young woman, who’s determined to follow in her late father’s footsteps, a police detective in the midwestern town of East Alton.

While she mourns the tenth anniversary of his death in a nearby bar, a chance encounter embroils her in a murder investigation of Calvin Dunbar. Soon, it becomes obvious that things are not a clean cut as they appear. Was Calvin murdered, or did he commit suicide? Why was there a falling out with a close friend? And what about the mysterious research that Calvin was doing?

When another dead body is discovered and finding herself coming under increasing suspicion of police detective, Lou Matthews, Kimber is in a race against time to clear her name and figure out who’s a cold-blooded killer and if there’s something even more sinister than just murder in the air.



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