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Azriel: Angel of Destruction


Azriel: Angel of Destruction
Rebel Angels – Book 1
By Linz Basset

“An eye condition? Might it be a roving eye you’re trying to hide?” she snapped irritably and covered her breasts in a defensive gesture.

Azriel, Angel of Destruction, the leader of the Rebel Angels continues his search for his mate. His time is running out as he has to mate before he reaches his Golden Years. Unless he does, his ruling will come to an end and he would roam the universe, destroying worlds in his wake.

Claire Burrows doesn’t believe in love and closed her heart from such a benign emotion years ago. She has no patience for folklore and was aghast when the editor of the Fashion Magazine she worked for, instructed her to interview a professor at an Angel and Demon conference.

Prepare for a fast, hot and sexy suspense tale, laden with deep emotions and a humorous sassy female at the helm who refuses to accept the reality of angels and demons.

Find it on Amazon: https://buff.ly/2CXZOwE


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