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Being Graves


Drew Sera – Being Graves: http://amzn.to/2BTFfli
Confident. Charming. Magnetic. Irresistible.
Women undress me with their eyes and fantasize about an evening with me in Club Irons. Those who get their chance rave about our time. I’m self-sufficient, and I don’t need or want a permanent woman in my life.
I like my sex kinky, hard and a touch on the rough side. And I don’t mix sex with emotions. I’m unable to give a woman anything but an evening of pleasure, and I’m not looking for anything complicated. I just want fun sex with no ropes attached…unless I’m the one applying the rope.
At one time I thought I was destined for a life of loneliness, chased by the demons of my past. Things have changed. I have a few exceptional friends who have become my family and are everything to me.
Sure, I have my share of regrets, but I don’t like talking or sharing much from my life. There are parts of my past that I may never reveal to anyone.
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