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💫💫💫IT’S LIVE!!!!!💫💫💫


Chances, Book 3 in the Coming Home Series is LIVE!!!

By: Janet A. Mota

Cover designer and photographer: N.A. Shoemaker,www.instagram.com/n_a_shoemaker

Model: Shannon Smith, www.instagram.com/6feetofshan


Sometimes the demons that live within us can suffocate us and take over every part of our being. Belle has demons living inside her that are taking over her brain and making her believe she can’t have certain things in life. She’s isolated herself from her friends and someone she wants as more than a friend. She starts to self-destruct and finds herself in a position that may get her in trouble. Can Belle overcome the demons and allow herself to live the life she wants to live? Will Belle allow herself to love and be loved? Can Belle listen to her heart and shut the demons out of her brain?

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