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Their Sub Series


Their Sub Series
By Linz Basset

Their Sub Series is now available in a boxset and in paperback!

Their Sub Series is a bestselling novella series that will cause your heat level to surge. It’s downright naughty, sexy and filled with taboo.

No Option – Book 1.
Diana is in a fix. Having lost her job in a company merger, she was down on luck and on her last bucks. When an unconventional job offer comes her way, she keels over. Because, let’s face it, she has no other options. Kade, John and Brad are billionaire CEO’s shopping for their next submissive. Diana is a front-runner, provided she submits to their whims during a series of tests to determine her potential. It’s easier said than done. Poor Diana. Here, have some wine.

Done For – Book 2.
Shona Nicole, one of Diana Summers’ best friends, found herself in a precarious position. One, she had no idea how to get herself out of. “No, you will not come until I am inside you.” Shona Nicole is a firebrand. She’s gorgeous, tenacious, self-assured and doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body. Or so she thought. Until, she met alpha Mitch Cooper and his beta friends, Jason White and Sam Elliot, for dinner . . . and became their dinner.

For This – Book 3.
Sassy Chloe Walker decided to go on a trip to Tucson to visit her two besties, Diana and Shona. A decision that tumbled her entire world upside down. It all started with the wine. Chloe was bored. Ever since Diana and Shona got hitched and moved to cow-country, Chloe has been in a limbo. As a successful designer, her career was on the rise. But her personal life needed a serious makeover. That shouldn’t have been reason enough, for Chloe to chug down questionable quantity of wine and wake up in a stranger’s bed . . . er . . . naked.

Now you can own all three in one e-book bundle OR in a paperback boxset. And remember, the individual books are free on KU.

In E-Book
On AmazonCom: https://buff.ly/2kqRFcq
On AmazonUK: https://buff.ly/2kqRIF8

In Paperback
On AmazonCom: https://buff.ly/2kqRKwK
On AmazonUK: https://buff.ly/2kr65JH

Individual Universal Links:
Book 1 – No Option: books2read.com/NoOption
Book 2 – Done For: books2read.com/DoneFor
Book 3 – For This: books2read.com/ForThis


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