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Montana Ash


Book five in the Elemental Paladins series by Montana Ash

Releasing 20th January Pre-order now

‘“Yo, Ryker!”
Ryker’s colourful response to Axel’s untimely interruption practically turned the air blue and Max had to muffle her giggles against her man’s chest.
“What?!” Ryker barked, anchoring her hips so she couldn’t go anywhere – not that she wanted to anyway.
“Oh, nothing. Just wanted to cock-block you,” was Axel’s laughing reply, before he wisely turned and ran in the opposite direction.
Cursing and bucking underneath her, Ryker flung dire threats after the blond-haired jokester as Max did her best to hold Ryker down through her own peals of laughter.’ Copyright 2017 Montana Ash



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