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His Kitten Has Claws (Kalil’s Coven Book 2) by Cree Storm


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His Kitten Has Claws (Kalil’s Coven Book 2) by Cree Storm 

Everyone is lying to Cory and he is getting fed up. Someone was going to tell him the truth or his Kitten was going to come out in full force. He may shift into a house cat, but it was a Main Coon cat, and that was not an animal to mess with.
Jotham had problems within his coven and as Rei it was up to him to fix them. He didn’t have time for his enforcer’s new mate’s best friend’s questions and nosing around. Intent on getting Cory to leave, Jotham goes to speak with him and is in shock to find that Cory is not only his mate, but he is not all human. He must have him, but Cory doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him or his coven.
Cory needs time to think things through, so he does the one thing that always clears his mind…he shifts and goes for a stroll only to come across men plotting the death of his mate, Jotham, and destruction of the coven. Can Cory put aside his anger, hurt, and distrust to help save his vampire mate?
Jotham’s only concern is for his mate. Because if he can’t find the men bent on destroying his coven, they may not just try to kill him. But his mate as well.




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