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D.C. Security


🔥 D.C. Security 🔥
🔥 By L Ann Marie 🔥
US: http://a.co/cSZ36kz
UK: http://amzn.eu/0UdZJxJ
CA: http://a.co/gBBmtdm
Most Eligible Bachelor in D.C., Aaron, runs his Security firm for the elite power players running our nation. He’s clueless when it comes to women and spent two years building a business with the D.C. Chapter of Badass because of his last screw up with his Prince Brothers women. Kaleb shows on the Most Eligible list and decides he wants to settle down. With pressure from his family the senator needs to stop the parade of women they share from showing in the tabloids.
Anibet isn’t new to partners but the last one didn’t end well. Can the bad boy and senator change her mind? Politicians are not the kind of people she spends time with. Then again, neither are bikers. She drags her feet and decision out, never realizing what she’s getting herself into. The MC and Baxter men don’t waste any time once she says yes. The old lady war is Imminent. All of our favorites show to help with this one. Can one woman change the course of the MC, Princes of Prophecy and the Baxters? A little boy named Mucimi thinks so.


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