Cover Reveal

Forever Faith (Downtown Series finale, book 6)


Forever Faith (Downtown Series finale, book 6)
By TJWest
Photographer: Shauna Kruse
Models: Lance Jones and Jami Watts
Cover design: Honey Touch Creations
Release Date: unknown

Some say that nothing lasts forever, but when it’s the right thing and the magic never seems to end, I would say that it’s meant to last. JINKS is moving in the right direction, I made Faith Montgomery my wife, and life has never been better.

Until it isn’t….

Another label has started courting me, and while it’s an opportunity make more of a name for myself, it’s causing distance and fights among my band family. It’s making me wonder if I could ever pull away from my boys and why I might want that. And it’s not only affecting my band family; Faith is hurt by the fighting, and that’s the last thing I want.

Outside pressure, ruthlessness, and betrayal are perpetually fraying the bonds in my relationships. As this external force works tirelessly to rip what we’ve worked so hard for apart, there are some difficult choices I need to make.

The question is what or who do I choose?  


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