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Motors and Metal Series (2 Book Series) by #JaneAnthony


Motors and Metal Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Jillian Morello

There are three things in this world that I love: vintage cars, classic metal tunes, and my older brother, AJ. For as long as I can remember, it’s been AJ and me against the world. Now, in the wake of our father’s passing, everything has changed. Chained to the family business, my young life is all work and no play…until he walked in.

Jameson Tate

“Stay away from my sister.”
I was warned from day one. It should have been a simple enough task, but seeing her at work day in and day out proved to be harder than I thought. I drove into Morello and Son’s Restoration after five years away hoping for an oil change and a trip down memory lane. I wasn’t looking for a job, and I never expected to fall for her.

“I didn’t just want him, I craved him. He was everything I ever desired except for the one thing I needed most: my brother’s approval.”
Secrets and Promises is a forbidden romance with an emotional storyline that will keep you guessing up until the very end. If you like rock n’ roll, fast cars, and HOT romance, this is the book for you.

Want more AJ Morello? Catch up with him in Chasing Casey, the sizzling follow up to this sexy story.


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