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Inheritance: Complete Season One: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Box Set by #AmeliaFaulkner


Inheritance: Complete Season One: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Box Set

Publication Date: February 1, 2018
Lose yourself in a world like no other in this award-winning series. This boxed set includes all five books of the first season!

Jack of Thorns – Laurence Riley has too many problems, and his uncontrolled psychic powers are just the tip of the iceberg. But when he accidentally summons a god, his only hope for survival might be another wild talent: the enigmatic and aloof British earl, Quentin d’Arcy.

Knight of Flames – Quentin’s telekinesis isn’t the only power in his arsenal. As he learns to master fire, he discovers other psychics who want to tell the world who they are and what they can do. He must work with Laurence to keep their secrets before shots get fired.

Lord of Ravens – Laurence finally meets his ancestor, the horned god Herne the Hunter, who teaches him to use more of his demigod powers. But Laurence also uncovers a dark secret from Quentin’s past, and it’s one that would break Quentin if it came out.

Reeve of Veils – Quentin’s brother, Frederick, schemes his way through San Diego in a retelling of many of the events of Knight of Flames from his perspective. Can Freddy keep all his plates spinning, or will his father uncover his manipulations and destroy him?

Page of Tricks – Freddy’s hand is forced, Laurence is kidnapped, and Quentin is plunged into a final showdown with his father while his own mind is torn apart…


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