Carly’s Crush by #MaddieTaylor


Carly’s Crush

Publication Date: February 4, 2018
#KU #Romance

Carly’s Crush by USA Today Bestselling Author Maddie Taylor is NOW LIVE!

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Being stuck in the friend zone sucks. Even worse, the man of your dreams seeing you as nothing more than a kid. But what’s a shy girl to do when her secret crush for months won’t take the hint? Seduce him, of course!

Carly puts her plan into motion. One night, after closing the lingerie shop where she works, she slips into the sheerest scrap of nothing she can find, climbs on a table in the middle of the sales floor, and strikes a pose.  Now, she waits for Trent, the head of mall security, to make his rounds and find her. Simple enough, right?

Except things go terribly wrong. Silent alarms are tripped, and Carly is left with one furious Alpha on her hands. Will she end up in the arms of the man of her dreams, or will her bottom, left bare by the skimpy black thong, end up paying for her unintended crime? Or, if she’s lucky, will she get both?

Publisher’s note: Carly’s Crush is a steamy romantic novella which contains spanking and light BDSM themes. If this doesn’t do it for you, maybe you shouldn’t buy this book. But just for kicks, put some spice in your life this Valentine’s Day, and give it a try.



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