Ivory’s Familiars (The Familiars Book 1) by #MontanaAsh


Ivory’s Familiars (The Familiars Book 1)

Ivory’s Familiars

“Yes dear,” was Ronan’s response and Ivory felt her mouth fall open for the second time that morning. Vaughn had just growled sexily and then proceeded to kiss Ronan full on the mouth.
What the …? She must have made some sound – hopefully not some kind of weird mating call like she wanted to – for Vaughn narrowed his eyes;
“Nothing! It’s just that … well, I thought you two were a couple. I mean, you and Seth …” She stammered. Smooth, real smooth, Ivory.
“We are,” Vaughn crossed his arms a little belligerently, “But so are Ronan and I, and Seth and Ronan. We’re all in a relationship.”
“Oh,” was the only response her dry mouth could muster. They were all in a relationship.
“Do you have a problem with that?” Ronan asked, moss-green eyes narrowed in her direction.
Hell yes, she had a problem with that. She had a problem because she wanted to tackle the three of them to the floor and get to the sweaty, messy, satisfying, kinky sex this instant! The three of them were together? All of them? At the same time? It was like a dream come true, a honest to goodness fantasy brought to life. Instead of saying all that out loud though she merely squeaked;
“No. No problem.” Copyright 2017 Montana Ash.



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