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MC: LaPonte-Karr: Book 3 (MC Series) by #LAnnMarie


MC: LaPonte-Karr: Book 3 (MC Series)

ღ˚ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆(The Mc Series Book 3)
ღ˚ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆Mc:LaPonte-Karr
ღ˚ ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆LaPonte-Karr: myBook.to/mcbook3
Rich spent his teenage years in the MC and decided to become a soldier. The MC sent him to the military for training. He made it through BUDS and onto the elite group of satellites. One or two satellites travel with the SEALS but have different objectives and missions. They work alone with little support from the SEAL team. Saving a village of women and children earned him a medal of valor. Because of his age he was awarded the medal by the President at a ceremony in the White House. It was then he asked his MC President and VP to retire and come home. With his new brothers and sisters’ adoption being final he wants to be near them. He was relieved when they expected him back in the MC taking over the second spot in Security on his release from duty.
Rich does everything with his roommate/Brother Patches, including bedding women. Patches loves Rich’s family as if they were his own. He helps take care of the Little Brothers and sister daily, ensuring the kids are taken care of in a manner they deserve after being treated so badly before the adoptions. Patches lost his family when he was young; he makes sure his new family feels the love he never did growing up. With the two Brothers doing everything from homework to skiing, the siblings form a bond that runs deep and true. They all fit together as if they were blood. Patches loves his job but feels less important than his High Security Brothers. His sensitive nature and easy going demeanor mask his insecurities. He has to fight to keep those insecurities hidden.
When their Club buys a woman from the rival Outlaws Rich finds work is not the only challenge he has to face and Patches is in a constant battle with his insecurities. For Rich falling for an abused woman and being dominant by nature is not an obstacle he’s confident he can overcome. For Patches Tess is everything, but is he enough for her and can he overcome his inner demons and take what he’s always longed for, his own family?
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