Book of Souls (Gods of Egypt 1) by #NadineNightingale


Book of Souls (Gods of Egypt 1)

Publication Date: February 9, 2018

🌹Book of Souls🌹
By #NadineNightingale
Happy Release Day!!!!
Book Of Souls is LIVE TODAY!!!!!! Go grab your copy today, you will simply adore #BOS!! Happy Reading! Live on Friday, February 9th!!! Are you ready for Book of Souls? For a love that survived death?
They call me Angel of Death, but my name is Nisha Blake. I am Shepherdstown’s living urban legend. My life, a tale of the macabre.
People avoid me like the plague. Well, everyone but my friends. They don’t see the Angel of Death when they look at me. They see poor, broken Nisha—the bully victim, suffering from vicious night terrors and vivid hallucinations.
Things take a turn for the worse when Blaze shows up. He’s a too hot, tattooed, bad-ass MMA fighter from London, hell-bent on getting to know me. Since he walked into my miserable life, my hallucinations graduated to a point where I can no longer differentiate between fiction and reality.
I am insane.
Broken beyond repair.
Or so I think until—
I uncover a secret form the past—a link between all the deaths, my hallucinations, and my night terrors. It’s then I understand I’m not the Angel of Death.
I am something else.
Someone else.
Pre-order now for .99 rather than $2.99.
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