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Private Hearts: River Town, Book 1 by #GrantCHolland


Private Hearts: River Town, Book 1

Publication Date: February 8, 2018

Brody Sexton and Dak Preston have been best friends since third grade. As they approach age 30, they are both struggling through unexpectedly rough patches in their lives. Brody’s single mother, the town librarian, has died from a sudden, unexpected illness, while Dak is struggling to figure out whether the relationship with his elitist boyfriend Lewis is worth saving. They lean on each other to provide support and a reliable port in emotional storms

With both men feeling vulnerable, they celebrate Dak’s last evening on shore before returning to his deckhand job on a Mississippi River towboat. It’s their traditional celebration…until the night goes awry. An unexpected kiss causes them to see each other in a different way, and they are forced to re-evaluate their steps forward into the future.




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