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The Sweetest Package



Title: The Sweetest Package
Series: Jake Davis Novella #2
Author: Leigh Lennon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 10, 2018
Eight days was all we
It was supposed to be
casual; just sex.
Hell, the best laid
plans were blown to pieces
as I found myself
watching my heart drive away.
Sure, I let her go,
but I’ve not been the same since she’s been gone.
How can my heart beat
so differently for a man I knew only for eight days?
He let me go. Sure, I
could have stuck around to fight for him.
I should have. Hell,
I wanted to.
But then I understood
what true love really means and I had to choose.
Now I am back,
immersed in his life.
Can he accept
everything I’ve done in the name of love?


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I can’t say
he looks surprised that I’m standing motionless on his front porch. It’s funny,
in the ten days I had been here, I’ve never once used this entrance. My
expression is blank but his is
certainly not. With a small smile covering the scruff that has sprung up since
I left, he extends his hand for me to shake it. All I want to do is deck him,
but I can’t, not until I hear him out.
“I had a
feeling I would see you again,” he says, putting down his hand, as it’s
apparent I won’t be shaking it, not yet. Stepping out of the way, he motions me
in. “You better come on in. This may take a while, Jake,” he plainly states,
knowing what I need.
I look over
my right shoulder and see a fucking iguana. I had hoped the next time I was
here it would be with Sasha by my side. This time I need only one room, instead
of two like we had a few days ago. Shit, how my life has imploded in two days.
I have
never been in the front part of his house before and it’s still adorned with
Christmas decorations. Leading me to the back of the house that looks out to
the veranda and the pool I have fond memories of, I turn to him. “You wanted to
tell me, didn’t you, Mack?”
Shoving his
hands into the pockets of his faded blue jeans, he shrugs. “After the two of
you got back from the Grand Caymans last week, when I met you down at the pool,
I had it in my mind I would tell you. Then you told me you wanted more with
her. I couldn’t take a chance telling you. If you were on the cusp of revealing
your true feelings to her and what you wanted, it would ruin any future the two
of you had.”
“So, you
just let Sylvie manipulate you, with no regard for me?”
He looks
away and I know I’ve hit a cord. “What does she have on you, Mack?” Looking
away again, this is all I need to understand, she has used him. “What the fuck
could be more important than using an innocent woman like Sasha against me,
making me fall for her, just to do Sylvie’s bidding?” I’m now yelling and he
still has not faced me. He avoids looking at me eye to eye, man to man.
Out of
nowhere, the door opens and I hear the familiar voice of Mack’s better half,
“Me, Jake. She has me, that’s what she’s using against Mack.” Turning, I see
the long and lean figure of Mack’s wife, Anna, sobbing as she continues to
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Ten days.
The Cayman Islands.
A holiday trip to forget the woman I lost.
Suddenly, I’m face to face with the sassiest
and hardest of women, who may be able to make me forget all I left behind.
And I want her!
This vacation is about moving on.
The saucy little ginger flaunting her perfect curvy
body in her next to nothing bikinis can be the distraction I need to forget it
Her fire and brimstone attitude leaves me in
constant arousal.
And she proposes a holiday affair, one I gladly
accept knowing this is a hell of a risk to my already floundering heart.
But in the end, will I be able to say goodbye?
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The Holiday Package Excerpt

Now, we sit
in silence as I continue to feel her observation fall upon me, over and over again,
while she doesn’t hide the fact she’s looking at me up and down like I am a
being direct, I say, “Um, is there something I can help you with?”
Taking a
sip of my coffee, I’m expecting her to sidestep but no, I should understand her
candidness at this point, as she says, “I was just thinking what it would be
like to fuck you.” My coffee makes its way out of my mouth. It would get all
tens if this were a spitting contest.
“Oh, I
shocked you?” she asks, almost timidly but with the little cocky smirk that is
both behind her mouth, and moving up to those caramel-amber eyes of hers, she’s
not attempting to be shy, not in the least.
“So, tell
me,” I begin. “What have you come up with?” I ask.
Pursing her
lips together, Sasha finally answers. “Um, let me really imagine this in my
mind as I describe it. First, you have a long dick, like super long. It is
thick and will fill me up just fine.” Instantaneously, my super long dick she’s
describing aches. “Next, I would say you love pussy. However, mine is
incredibly delectable.” Fuck, I try not to moan. “Next, I imagine you holding
yourself up with one hand while you’re over me, licking my pussy, bringing me
to a really good orgasm, all while you jerk yourself off. And by the way, if I
had to guess, you’re really good with your tongue.”
I smile
because I’ve been told this on many occasions but at the same time, my balls
ache. She doesn’t say anything and I realize she’s finished. I respond, “I
think that is a possible scenario.”
up, she gives me a throaty little laugh. “Who knows, this may just be a long
ten days.” She winks then leaves me aching in pain when she retreats to her
Ah, fuck!
This woman might be the death of me.

Author Bio
Leigh Lennon is
mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in
education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She
lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary
friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves
pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking
coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.
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