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Catching London by #MVEllis


Catching London

Publication Date: February 17, 2018


If you like your romance with a little bit of kickass and a whole lot of badass, be sure to check out MV Ellis’s CATCHING LONDON, releasing Saturday 17th Feb.
Amazon US: amzn.to/2BxohWf
Amazon UK: amzn.to/2kb4ZBM
Amazon AU: amzn.to/2Af15h4
Amazon CA: amzn.to/2AmE9e6
Kobo: bit.ly/2AiFrJ1
iTunes: apple.co/2Atbpmb
Nook: bit.ly/2zGuUnQ
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Catching London is a smoking-hot contemporary romance set in the sultry cities of New York and Paris. The story follows sexy millionaire rocker Arlo Jones and stunning dancer-turned-photographer London Llwellyn. From the moment they meet, the chemistry between them is intense. Each time they’re together the attraction is stronger, yet somehow something always gets in the way, and they can’t seem to get it together.


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