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Infamous Hearts: A Match Made in History by #YolandaOlson

Infamous Hearts: A Match Made in History

Publication Date: March 3, 2018
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Thirteen authors come together to provide a glimpse at notorious couples through history.

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When finding love in the arms of Hades must be escaped before dawn. Where the secret of the outlaw’s bride is found only in a place between heaven and hell. Where the wrath of Rosaline swings ominously like a pendulum and rapture can be found in the most iniquitous of times. When the secret of hieroglyphic hearts are drawn by daddy’s toy to overcome the feeling of being a darling little pet. When the blonde bombshell thrives high above the world in a tower made up of wanton lust and lies. When becoming a Kray is the only way to survive the mean streets of London.

Time becomes frozen in each moment and secrets are told in whispers only to the most coveted.

Infamous Hearts: A Match Made in History.

***All proceeds to benefit The Joyful Heart Foundation***


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