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Sanctuary (Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary Book 1) by #TeresaGabelman


Sanctuary (Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary Book 1)

Refuge is book 2 in the Newly titled Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary!
Release date to be announced soon!
Sanctuary is bk 1 and Refuge starts right after Sanctuary ends.
If you remember, Eric 1st comes to Gemma’s Wolf Sanctuary looking for a shifter, Foster Manning, who attacked 2 female shifters. This is the story of Eric’s brother Cole and 1 of the attacked shifters..
🐾🐾SANCTUARY (Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary) book 1🐾🐾
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Drowning in debt, the owner of Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary, Gemma Stone, is as exhausted as she is determined. Not only does she have to win over frightened, injured wolves daily, but she’s tired of those threatening to close her sanctuary down.

It’s not until Eric Jackson walked into her life that she sees a light at the end of the lonely tunnel she’s been traveling. To the surprise of both, they have more in common than either could have ever imagined.



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