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Jeremy & Jacob: Book 3 (The Protectors) by #LAnnMarie


Jeremy & Jacob: Book 3 (The Protectors)

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⁂⁂⁂⁂The Protectors⁂⁂⁂⁂
⁂⁂⁂Jeremy & Jacob: Book 3⁂⁂⁂
⁂⁂⁂ by L. Ann Marie⁂⁂⁂
⁂⁂⁂⁂Jeremy & Jacob: http://a.co/5nFF7Dy⁂⁂⁂⁂
27 books, 4 series, countless reoccurring characters, all working for good. All Badass. Here’s our Js in the last book of the last series where nothing is as it seems.
Jacob has had enough. All in was supposed to mean something. What the hell is he doing wrong? Getting his partners to show at home is getting harder and harder. Begging is not Badass. He’s done.
A vision throws Jeremy into his biggest tantrum yet. How is he going to fix this one? No one will pull shields to let him talk. He finds a way to communicate but will it be enough?
Getting away from Jeremy has Aubrey showing her Badass. She’s got Blackhawk skillz but needs some confidence to keep her men. The old ladies step in and the Brothers’ control starts to slip.
The Protectors
Christian: myBook.to/protectorsbook1
Aiyana: myBook.to/protectorsbook2
Jeremy & Jacob: http://a.co/5nFF7Dy
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