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Shaken and Stirred: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Southern Comforts Book 2) by #GarettGroves


Shaken and Stirred: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Southern Comforts Book 2)

Publication Date: February 18, 2018
A troubled bad boy. An uncomplicated cook. A small town romantic throw down.

Kai Eriksson’s spent his whole life in some kind of trouble. When he’s thrown out of a prestigious university in Sweden, his wealthy parents banish him to the worst place they can find: the tiny town of Beauclaire, North Carolina.

Mike Baker leads a simple life. Born and raised in Beauclaire, he’s content to watch the world pass him by, as long as he’s got a cold beer to sip. But when management at the bar where Mike works hires a young, cocky—and undeniably hot—bartender to help, Mike’s life suddenly isn’t so simple.

As if it wasn’t bad enough Kai’s trapped in the backwoods of the USA, he’s also stuck working with someone who barely knows the difference between a bottle cap and a potato chip—meanwhile, Mike’s convinced Kai can’t stay away from a mirror long enough to take an order, much less make a good drink.

Yet, despite their mutual disdain, it isn’t long before their bantering shifts from hurt to flirt. Kai can’t help wondering if there’s more to Mike than his drawl and small town lack of ambition, and after Kai’s past bubbles up, Mike realizes they might not be as incompatible as he thought.

Will their differences keep them enemies forever, or will their unlikely chemistry leave their hearts shaken and stirred?




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