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Saint’s Mercy

Saint’s Mercy
Santa Cruz Saints Book 1
by Cecile Tellier
Genre: MC Romance
Lucien Rossi grew up on the streets of Santa Cruz, California. He had
little to nothing to call his own, and ran with a rough crowd.
He only had two things he cherished in his life, the most important
was Luz Ramirez. When he met her he knew she was someone he would die
to protect. Years later and now a president of the Saint’s
Mercy Motorcycle Club, he’s about to find out that Luz is still a
grenade to his best intentions.
When her mother passed away, Luz Ramirez was given a second chance at a
happy life with her foster mother. What she didn’t count on
was that she would meet the dangerous but magnetic Lucien. Even
after forcing herself to move away rather than become like her
mother, it only takes a few days back for this bail bondswoman to
recognize who her heart belongs to.
Cecile Tellier holds Masters degrees in Special Education as well as
Criminal Justice: Law. She lives in upstate NY with her husband and
two children. She got her start in writing as early as high school
and has been published in poetry anthologies and freelance erotica .
Cecile is part of a wonderfully supportive critique group lovingly
referred to as the Round Robbins. Cecile believes that everything in
life that can be accomplished should and has endeavored to live up to
this whether it was starting a flat track Roller Derby league or
writing the next great romance novel.
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