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Six by #JamesCrow




⭐️⭐️ Six by James Crow ⭐️⭐️

I sell more than sex. I sell experiences.
My clients are women of taste and style, with money to lavish on their most intimate fantasies.
The contract is clear: Absolute confidentiality. No limits. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
I take them to that place in the half-light, where pleasure blurs with pain, and sex becomes so much more. Beautiful filth, sweet and dirty and so fucking delicious. They take it all and always come back for more.
I’m in it for the money, and maybe the pleasure, too.
I don’t do emotional involvement. Ever. I’m a professional, and this is business.
Until she walks in.
Client number SIX
And things get really complicated.
ADVISORY: contains graphic depictions of kink, fetsih, and BDSM


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