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The Full Experience by #DawnDoyle


The Full Experience

The Full Experience.


From International Best-Selling Author comes a story of a woman struggling with what she secretly wants, and a man that craves nothing more than to give it to her.

Raven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College. It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty-minded, foul-mouthed ‘man-tramp’and his list.

Beck Traynor, upon first sight, looked like a walking wet dream.
His dark hair, silver-gray eyes, model good looks, and muscular build, were what made the girls go crazy.
Not Raven, though.
It didn’t matter that he had her weak at the knees, had her heart fluttering in her chest, or even that just his presence gave her goosebumps. He wasn’t going to get in her pants and claim her as a statistic on the ever growing chart on his bed post.
But, even the toughest shells can break, and when Beck’s begins to crack, Raven sees there’s more to him than he lets people see.

One drunken night leads her to his door, demanding he show her what The Full Experience is all about.
What she didn’t count on, was the way his touch made her burn, made her ache… A passion she had never felt before. Beck had made her feel like she was the only woman in the world.

But, when feelings grow and relationships are formed, jealousy rears its ugly head which leaves Raven alone.

Can Raven forgive the one person that broke her heart, or will Beck just be the last thing checked off her list?


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