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Storm Reaper: A Texas Heat Book by #CreeNations


Storm Reaper: A Texas Heat Book

…there’s a storm coming! No one knows his name. But they know he’s coming. And they know he’s bringing death with him.
The night they came his Mother pushed his baby brother into his arms and told him to run and not look back. And he did. They raped-tortured-and killed his Mother. They took his older brother’s. Every year on the anniversary of the destruction of his life they sent him a message reminding him how helpless he’d been, how he’d run like a scared child. Now he’s not a little boy any more that they can taunt with their messages – he’s full grown.
He’s waited – and now he’s done waiting. He sent a message of his own. Hell is coming…and with it is death – yours.
Texas Heat Series (4 Book Series)


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