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Omega’s Rockstar: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Baby Makes Three Book 4) by #BellaBennet


Omega’s Rockstar: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Baby Makes Three Book 4)

Publication Date: February 13, 2018
A rock star doesn’t need a babysitter.
It’s just the stupid record label forcing them together. They think a reckless alpha like Seth needs a nice omega from Nebraska to keep him in line. Whatever.

A self-made alpha doesn’t need another lover to bring him down.
After what his ex boyfriend did to him, Seth would rather stay single. Mister Rockstar in his pants can find his own action, without any stupid commitments. And Seth especially won’t get involved with that beautiful “sobriety companion” the record label sent over.

Mike doesn’t need Seth. But he does need this job.
“Sobriety companion” for a rock star? What in the world… six feet five inches of beautiful muscle with eyes that just won’t stop. His desert mansion isn’t bad either. And his eyes are definitely wandering over Mike when he thinks Mike isn’t looking.

But Mike is always looking. There wasn’t anybody like this desert-dwelling rockstar stud back in Nebraska.

Mike is saving Seth’s life, but he keeps it professional. He doesn’t want to lose this job, and he definitely doesn’t want to become this badboy’s next load of morning-after trash.

Maybe he can keep his mind off of Seth’s eyes and body and voice. Maybe he can keep things at a very mild simmer. But when Seth rescues Mike from a certain desert mishap, their cool professional distance explodes in the Arizona heat.

Mike’s pregnancy on a hundred-city tour is the last thing any relationship needs, especially when the record company hates to see them giving each other those cutesy looks and rubbing noses together. Can Mike and Seth’s commitment to each other overcome their demons?



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