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Malakai Stone: a Texas Heat Book by #CreeNations


Malakai Stone: a Texas Heat Book

Malakai Stone: a Texas Heat Book

It’s been a long time coming…but that day of going home – back to Cripple Creek Texas is here. Malakai Stone is going home. Matter of fact in about three minutes he will be boots on the ground. His mind flashed back …down in the ground where dead people grow…hell no not going there. He shook his head, straightened his shoulders and stepped through the doorway of that helo.
He took a deep breath of that hot but sweet smell – TEXAS – no place like it on earth – at least to Texans.
Swinging his duffle up over his shoulder he headed toward the exit. Thoughts turned to Liberty – the girl he’d left behind five years earlier – it is time for all the secrets to see the light of day. Liberty is his…



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