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Dragonfire: Halls of Ash and Marble (Full Moon Series Book 6) by #PMattern


Dragonfire: Halls of Ash and Marble (Full Moon Series Book 6)

Publication Date: February 20, 2018
As Liam explores his new abilities as a dragonshifter he is soon to discover that his half brother Argent has received the same gift. All his instincts warn him that a deathmatch between the brothers is inevitable.
Stefan returns seeking refuge in Fauquier Hall…and revenge, while a supernatural serial killer of young women terrorizes the New City.
Cass makes his biggest mistake yet, jeopardizing his relationship with Mitzi, and the Werewolf Curse Lux is under leads him to his perfect mate.
New life, new loves, tragedy and ever present bloodlust fill the pages of of the sixth book in the wildly popular Full Moon Series!

New release by Author PMattern. Book 6 in the Full Moon Series.


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