Judgment Day..From The Hunt


Judgment Day..From The Hunt

(Legends 8) Wip with Mara Reitsma


The light blinding everyone in the room for the moment the Valkyrie shifted her form. She reveled in these moments that she could truely let her inner monster free.

Malice felt the wounds healing fangs and armor forming. It was time for a little payback.

Dallyn looked on in fascinated terror as the woman Sara’s flesh shifted under his hand.

Gone was the young buxom brunette Sara, he now had a woman by the throat with hair like moonlight. An armored fury from the depths of the pit.

Malice’s furious violet eyes narrowed as she summoned her claws driving them into Dallyns wrist.

The King roared in pain as the Valkyrie pryed his fingers from her neck slowly twisting his arm backward as she stood, giving him the full fang treatment, hissing in his face.

(Thats no way to treat a lady!) Malice whispered in her cold deadly mind voice driving her claws into his wrist and Dallyn to the floor on his back.


Malice heard the guards drawing steel then the cold kiss of steel against her throat.

“Release him witch! One of the guard said aiming a crossbow at her head.

Malice didnt look up from the King as she summoned her wings the right wingtip flicked lodging an armored feather in his throat.

Snapping the chains Malice bound up tbe right hand guard sword with the length of chain punching him in the face and tossing him across the room.

Guard number two took a boot to the face before Mal spotted the King going after the mace. The blonde Valkyrie felt bones break as her full weight came down on his hand.

“Leaving so soon?”


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