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MC: Tailley: Book 6 (MC Series) by #LAnnMarie


MC: Tailley: Book 6 (MC Series)

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This is the story of Bob and Amanda.
Bob has been with the MC his entire adult life. He was an only child that spent a lot of his time alone. His parents didn’t plan on kids and he was not a happy surprise. Growing up he heard all about it whenever his parents were not pleased with him. As an adult he finds a family in the MC. His Officers teach him about loyalty, commitment and honor. The bond he has with his family runs deep. Their women and kids are his responsibility as much as theirs. His job as Head of Family Security reinforces that commitment daily. Anything and everything he learned was taught to him by his family, whether it was how to treat your woman or how to shoot while riding at one hundred miles an hour. He will do everything he can to keep his family safe, as a trusted soldier in High Security he does.
Amanda is a twin that was never appreciated by her parents. She was a disappointment right from the start. Her sister being book smart, charismatic and outgoing was praised and favored by both her mother and father. Amelia always gave Amanda credit and praise when their parents belittled or outright shunned Amanda. Amelia is Amanda’s greatest supporter in her endeavor to be an artist. Her dream of opening a tattoo parlor takes hard work and dedication. Even after she achieved her dream her parents couldn’t find it in themselves to give her praise. When the President of the MC invites her to open her shop within the MC’s guarded territory Amanda gains confidence and flourishes as the artist she dreamed of being. She lives her life without the support of her family but finds that support through the women of the MC.
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