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Cash’s Jesse by #BellannSummer Rescue for Hire 11


Cash’s Jesse

Rescue for Hire 11


PRE-ORDER! AVAILABLE: Thursday, March 29th

After spending years traveling around the world organizing disaster relief, Cash Brady’s ready for something new. A company specializing in wild rescues sounds right up his alley. Training is necessary to become the new team’s leader, and Cash heads to Granite County. On the way he stops a small man from being beaten to death. Cash is astonished by the hate that runs so deep, Springtown doesn’t even allow the abused man a real name. Cash sets out to heal this cherished treasure and then Rescue for Hire will avenge.

He’s ready to give in and die. The next moment an angel named Cash is rescuing him. He wakes up to an afterlife in something called a hospital room and for the first time is given kindness. Cash assures him that he deserves a name and to choose one. Once he discovers the words to the song Cash hums to chase away the nightmares, he decides. His name is Jesse.



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