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🗡Saving Heather by Krystyna Allyn


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🗡Saving Heather by Krystyna Allyn
🗡Releasing March 23, 2018.

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I’ve watched from the sidelines for years, biding my time, wanting her.
When I finally had her within reach, I turned my back and left.
Not because I didn’t care. No, I cared too much. Leaving was the only way to save us all.
An evil has crawled among us, infected the pack and is gaining momentum. Setting things right has fallen upon my shoulders, and it’s up to me to rescue those I care for.
A daunting task lies ahead but I’m up for the challenge, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking on.
The ultimate goal has always been her, will always be her.
I hope she’ll wait for me.
I’m finally free to be with the man I love, but at what price?
Not only are we being hunted, but my sister has been forced to take my place in captivity.
All I’ve ever wanted was to be with him. Now, he’s gone, leaving my heart in tattered shreds.
I’ll wait for him, hold on as long as I can, fighting off the darkness that threatens to tear us apart.
I can’t let him go again. If I do, it will kill me this time.
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