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MC: LaPonte: Book 2 (MC Series) by #LAnnMarie


MC: LaPonte: Book 2 (MC Series)

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We get introduced to Danny in Knight. Being newly single after years spent with a supposed mentally imbalanced wife he starts living. Never passing up the opportunity to do whatever feels good at the moment he starts losing himself in a lifestyle he’s not proud of. With his son in the military he forgot about living with honor. By the time he realizes his actions he’s lost the respect of his Brothers and has to work twice as hard earning it back.
Kate grew up in care. Her whole life she’s looked for someone to start the family she’s always dreamed about. She is a Domestic Abuse case-worker and a Domestic Violence Security Specialist that trains men how to deal with situations and the women that are a product of violence. She’s waited for Danny to do more than date her but realizes he may not be ‘the one’ to give her that family when she hears what he’s doing with the Club whores.
While Kate starts looking for that Mr. Right, Danny fights to earn back respect and Kate. He can’t figure out why the Club doesn’t use him for the Security he worked so hard for when he was younger but decides to stand where his Club needs him.
He learns his lessons his way but teaches his Club and Kate what loyalty, honor and family means.
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