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Return to Rat City by #TyffaniClarkKemp


Return to Rat City

Publication Date: March 17, 2018

The Gods were just a myth until she landed on top of them…

For the first time since Dalia can remember, she’d found a home, and in a matter of seconds it was taken away from her. All because of who she was born to be.

Dalia has been living in exile ever since the truth came out six months ago; she is a part of the government that is hunting Rat City. The same government that wants her dead. The tree-dwelling people of the Living Forest are no less suspicious of her than Rat City was, and they have no qualms about showing it.

After a hunting accident leaves a young man on the brink of death, Dalia has no choice but to seek out the one man who can save him.

William Burke, Patriarch of Rat City.

He may kill Dalia on the spot. Or maybe he’s missed her too…but she’s not counting on it.

When the tree-dwellers betray Dalia to the same government she’s been running from her entire life, they put Burke and his people in danger as well. There’s a whole desert between them and Rat City, and a whole world of ways to die before they get there.


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