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Betrayal (Deadly Obsession Book 2) by #NancyChastain


Betrayal (Deadly Obsession Book 2)

The bullet pierced Nikki’s forehead. Blood appeared from the hole and began to pour down her face. Her eyes were wide, and there was a look of shock on her face. Then she smiled. It wasn’t a smile of happiness; it was the kind of smile a person had when they received exactly what they wanted as, if she won. Her eyes closed as she crumpled lifelessly to the ground. “Dad, Mom didn’t leave me willingly? She was protecting us? You didn’t want it to be real that she was dead? You let me grow up thinking my own mother couldn’t and didn’t love me? Do you have any idea how bad that has hurt me my whole life? You made a decision for you that has affected my entire life.” My voice grew higher and louder as I tried to contain my anger.




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