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Annie BlackHawk


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Texas Heat Series
By Cree Nations

The words Learn to Live With It are the six most redundant words ever, Learn To Live With It!!!
How many doctors have uttered those words, dozens that’s for sure, and each one of them should know how ignorant those six words make them come across. Those six small words can completely undo all the expertise, skill, training and knowledge that they have. The only time they will ever see and learn how ignorant they are will be when they’ve had those words said to them. The words that should be said are, we’re so sorry for you loss now you’re going to have to learn to live without it. That would make better sense.
For Annie Blackhawk the truth hit hard, you can never go back. Well she learned you can go back but, it’s never the same when you do. Doesn’t matter that promises were made, or plans made for a future, it just doesn’t matter because nothing is constant in life but change, and Annie changed the day she came home.
Coming home from an absence is never easy but coming home after two extended tours of Afghanistan is more than just a small adjustment. She’d just made five stops all in different states- five times she’d gone up to the door to pay her respects. Five of her team members, well her entire team did indeed come home, but five of them came home in body bags and flag draped coffins on the well known Angel Flight.
Why she survived is something she thinks about daily.
Copyright Cree Nations 2018


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