Secret (Save The Kids Book 2) by #EMLeya


Secret (Save The Kids Book 2)

Publication Date: March 22, 2018

In a world filled with evil, Kasey and Noam play a part in making life safer for those around them. Working on opposite sides of the law, and using their own methods, they take down the criminals who prey on the most innocent victims.

Kasey’s life is focused on saving others. He’s protected the innocent for as long as he can remember. Part of an elite pedophile hunting team, he spends his nights taking down the sex offenders living in the area.

With a past he can’t forget, he focuses all his emotions on his job, trying to protect children from the vile creatures who touched his own life.

Noam’s always prided himself on being a good detective and protecting the citizens. Taking his job seriously, he strives to close the cases that he’s faced with, no matter how much they haunt him. His professional life is running at full-speed, but his personal life leaves a lot to be desired.

When Kasey and Noam cross paths, they strike up an instant friendship, finding something they both didn’t think they needed from each other, but Kasey has secrets he can’t share with Noam, ones that would destroy him and his team if Noam found out.

As their emotions grow and the relationship builds, the risks increase. Kasey faces choosing between the man he’s grown to love and the job that saves so many. How can Kasey move forward knowing he’s one of the hunters that Noam is searching for? No matter the chemistry between them, the risk is too high to follow his heart.

Both men believe in what they do, but are they willing to give it all up for the chance at love?

Sometimes things aren’t always black and white.

Confronted by choices that will change both their lives, the two must decide what matters most, holding on to the hope that, somehow, love will find a way.


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