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Trained to Win: Winter Sports, Book 2 by #DeclanRhodes


Trained to Win: Winter Sports, Book 2

Publication Date: March 27, 2018
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Jordi never felt his heart soar until he stumbled upon the performance of a figure skater dressed all in black wowing crowds in Chicago on a magical day after Christmas. Their first meeting ended with a kiss that turned Jordi’s world upside down causing him to question everything about his attractions to both women and men. Was it obsession? Infatuation? Hero worship? All three?

Pegged as the bad boy of the figure skating world, Tristan warded off the damaging effects of past abuses and tragedies by building stainless steel walls around his vulnerable heart. He’s been trained to win as the only valid path forward to rise above his troubled early life. The goal was simple until Jordi appeared armed with innocence and honesty, the perfect twin wrecking balls for tearing down Tristan’s barriers.

It doesn’t take long for both of them to realize they belong together, but difficulties of distance, culture and ambition all threaten to stand in their way. Will friends, loving families, and the will to win be enough?

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