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“He’s going to kill us if he finds out” she told me.
“I am going to hell anyway” I whispered in her ear, before moving down to kiss her again.
“I am coming with you” she murmured against my mouth.
My name is Sebastian, but they call me the Killer. I have never lost a fight, never let anyone touch me without regretting it. I am a fighter, that’s how I survive in the gutter that is The Market, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Rome.
Rome, the city of eternal beauty. But also the city of lost souls.
When gangster Alejandro de la Crux wanted to have a word with me, I had no idea what was coming. He wanted me- the Killer- to protect his ex-wife, his son while he went into hiding for a while, running away from gagsters who wanted him dead.
I had no idea it was Andrea, the woman I had met years before, the woman I had lost my head for. It was her.
She needed help. And I wasn’t going to let anyone touch her, not even her ex-husband Alejandro de la Crux.

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