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Taylor Rylan
After several years of daydreaming about sexy men in her head, Taylor decided to finally start writing about them! That’s where the Men of Crooked Bend come in. Although at the time, she had no idea as to what she would name the town, nor what state they would be even be in! She quickly learned that even though she had ideas in her head, it was her characters that ultimately decided what would happen in each story. She goes into each story with a set plan but already knows that in the end, things will change and that her characters are going to get their way.
When she’s not writing about sexy men, she loves to read about them. Although, her reading time has become less frequent since she started writing.
She is a busy mom of three and hopes to one day add a fur kid to the bunch. If she’s not writing or reading about sexy men, she’s either running to some band function or another or is busy cheering from the stands at basketball games or marital arts functions.
Her debut book, My Forever, My Always is only the first of several books in the Men of Crooked Bend Series and she already has a spin-off series planned!
My Heart, My Home: Men of Crooked Bend Book 5
by Taylor Rylan
Isaac Redfeather loves his son more than anyone in the world. But seeing his brothers and cousins happily married, he wonders if he’ll ever meet someone that’ll be willing to accept not only him, but his son, Mack. They’re a package deal, and not everyone is looking for a ready-made family.
Sheriff Jacob McCoy has watched Isaac from afar for almost a year now. When Isaac called needing help to get his son from the little tyke’s maternal grandparents, he was more than willing to help. And if he’s found himself noticing Isaac around town more, he completely blames it on his Momma and the thought she put in his head.
After what Isaac’s ex did, can he ever trust someone again? It’s not just him anymore. Now that he has his son to think about, can he risk letting someone close to Mack? What if they leave? Not only is Isaac’s heart on the line, his son’s is as well.
When Jacob is called out to Wild Creek to investigate a possible dead body, he’s met by the youngest Redfeather, the man he can’t seem to get out of his mind or dreams. Forced to spend time together, Jacob does his best to charm Isaac and Mack. Will they accept his heart? Will he finally get the home he so desperately desires? After everything settles with the investigation, will Isaac finally give in and see that Jacob wants not only him, but his son?
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
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