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Beast Anew (The Beasty Series) by #TyffaniClarkKemp


Beast Anew (The Beasty Series)

Beast Anew (Beasty #2)

Now, it’s Luna’s turn…

Gabriel Slade has returned to take his rightful place as Captain of The General’s army. Luna stayed behind to nurse a broken heart and a precious secret that could mean the end of all mankind.

Humans possessed by the spirits of the dead are searching the earth for a child that will have the power to bring the apocalypse upon the world. Gabriel must find this child if he hopes to keep order and peace with the humans, but his heart keeps getting in the way. He must save the world from darkness, while making the one decision that could cost him everything.

Gabe once thought that roaming the earth as a hideous, angry beast was his curse. Now, without the love of his life he feels more helpless than before.

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