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Come Again, My Love (Burns! Mystery Book 7) by #ErinOQuinn


Come Again, My Love (Burns! Mystery Book 7)

The reticent undercover detective Thomas Fitzgerald is already deeply in love…with a man who has just met him in an “alternate reality.” Tight-lipped and uptight as he is, a confession is out of the question. And Burns, not quite the same man he fell in love with, is afraid that his caped hero may misunderstand his own “insta-love.”

How can two stubborn men find that elusive bridge that spans then and now and tomorrow? This is where a unique old wynd in Edinburgh enters the story—a kind of bridge that connects past, present and future.

Follow two modern lovers through a special wynd spanning more than two centuries as they struggle to reconcile not just the convenient lies of history, but also the truth about their own conflicted relationship.

This novel is the culmination of six previous novellas, the Burns! Mystery series, but it’s a standalone for those who have not read the earlier works.


Time travel, MM style…http://tinyurl.com/zo6247a

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