Refuse to Lose (A Coach’s Love Book 1) by #AlisonMello


Refuse to Lose (A Coach’s Love Book 1)  

Publication Date: April 3, 2018
#KU #Sports

It’s Live!!!!

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….★★★★ NOW LIVE ★★★★….
….★★★★ Alison Mello★★★★….
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I thought I was helping a friend, but instead I only managed to get myself in a heap of trouble which left me with two options. Coach little league as part of community service…or face jail time.

So here I am…coaching little league, a project I wasn’t looking forward to—that’s until I see Stella at the field with her son. Unfortunately for me it takes a lot longer than I’d hoped for her to give me the time of day.

Yet, now that I’ve caught her attention, things are much more complicated than I thought. Who knew juggling a struggling friend, community service, a team bully and a girlfriend would be this hard?

But I won’t let it get me down. Someone once told me the secret to success, and come hell or high water I’ll show everyone around me that I…

…refuse to lose.

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