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Ezra Dawn
Well Ezra isn’t my real name obviously but I liked the name so I decided to use it. I live at home with my five dogs and one cat. I started out writing hetero romance novels but it wasn’t where my heart lied. I adore all things paranormal and M/M is by far my favorite genre so I decided to start writing Paranormal Romances. There’s a guaranteed happy ending with each of my books even if it may take some time for my guys to get there. I love each and every character on the page as if they were my own children. It sounds weird but that’s how I feel about them. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but only started actively pursuing it as a career three years ago when I stopped working in a salon to pursue writing full time. Since I published my first book in 2014 I have written and released nine other books with many more to come. My current list of projects is longer than my arm so I look forward to writing and creating new stories for my readers to enjoy.
Latest Release:
The Hybrid’s Submission (The Submission Trilogy Book 1)
by #EzraDawn
Publication Date: February 20, 2018
#KU #GayRomance
Aithusa Erendale is a hybrid. Half demon, half wolf shifter. With two different spirits living within him he’s a bit like Jeckyll and Hyde. After suffering harsh rejection thirty years before, Aithusa buries his wolf side in a bid to protect that part of him from further harm. A second chance at happiness puts him at a crossroads, take the leap and risk rejection once again or walk away and never know.
Brant Poshmire is a wolf shifter. After losing his father over a year ago, he’s tasked with delivering a letter to a man his father never mentioned. Conflicted, Brant wonders why it’s so important but as the letter was part of his father’s last will and testament he has to make sure it reaches it’s destination. He doesn’t expect to find his fated mate. The cold shoulder he receives from said mate is also unexpected.
Aithusa has to overcome his demons if he wants a chance at happiness. Brant has to make a decision; let his mate push him away or stay and fight for the loving relationship he knows they can have. Will these two win their battles for a chance at happiness and love or will they lose and watch it all come down around them?
Hope to see you at your next event May Book Madness

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