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Author CJ Cassidy

Contrary to popular belief; I am NOT an erotic author. I write about the human condition. I write about women who endure trials and tribulations. I write about triumph over adversity. It just so happens…. They like to f**k a lot!
I started out as an unknown writer and my very first novel was picked up by a fan who asked me to write her biography. She was impressed with the way I told and set-up a story. I agreed. The subject matter was dark and moody as she was a victim of domestic abuse. About 100 pages into her story; it turned into a novel about BDSM. I balked. I didn’t wish to be known as someone who wrote those types of novels. I was convinced by my pastor to continue and I published my first erotic novel under the pen name; CJ Cassidy. Since publishing the novel; over 50 women got out of or redefined their abusive relationships. I am very proud of that. I cry when I get a card or a letter for a reader telling me that my novel changed their life. I am humbled by the path I have chosen.
I live in the shadows, writing about women in pain and their deliverance. In my public appearances, I wear a mask. I swore never to reveal the identity of my ‘Katherine’ and I wear it to protect my family from any backlash from my work. I have also helped other women write their stories as well. I like what I do.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cjtorturedsoul
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/C.J.-Cassidy/e/B071RNKRLP
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3095061.C_J_Cassidy

Latest Release:

ClownTown II -The Return of Bo Rodgers (Part II)
by #CJCassidy

This is the second novel in the popular series that began with; “ClownTown – Pop:257” Our heros now find themselves in a seeming alternate universe, where there are more questions than answers. They find themselves in world full of pain, heartache and trouble unimaginable… Will the Clownies survive? Or is this the end?
Stay tuned!

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