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Chicago Circle: A City Circle Story by #KathyGriffith


Chicago Circle: A City Circle Story

Aiden Byrne is living history–
Or, to be more precise, undead history.
He came over on the boat from Ireland quite a while ago, and made a small name for himself teaching English to the citizens of nineteenth-century Chicago, until one of those students killed him, then brought him back.

Aiden and his maker, a 14-year old street teenager named Cian, build up their earthly fortunes and find blood where they can, but their last mark a Mr. Colin O’Brian, might well teach them a thing or two about life, death, and yes, love.

And then there’s also a great fire on the horizon that will test all three.

The City Circle stories tell the making of a vampire at a formative event in a city’s history, then tells that being’s story in the same city in the present day, in alternating chapters. They are all standalone stories with no cliffhangers.


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